Folksy Friday

>> Thursday, 17 June 2010

This week's six shops chosen from those that have added Ellie's Treasures as a favourite shop on Folksy are:

Three Witches - this bracelet has a beautiful selection of colourful beads and chips.
Careford Creations - handbound notebook using traditional Japanese style stitching.
The Windy Willows Gallery - gorgeous colourful cushion with a hand-stitched bold flower.
Bella Rose Jewellery - wow, look at that Jade gemstone, how pretty is this necklace?
The Scarlett Butterfly Company - stunning sterling and lampwork bracelet. I have to add that this shop, for me, has the prettiest banner I've seen on Folksy so far, I just love it.
Snap Scot - photographed on the Scottish borders, this pair of greetings cards are delightful.

Just click on the photo to go straight to the relevant shop.

Three Witches Careford Creations

The Windy Willows Gallery Bella Rose Jewellery

The Scarlett Butterfly Company Snap Scot


Wedding gift idea

Ellie's Treasures
I made a couple of these little heart shaped note wallets to sell for Valentine's Day and sadly, they are still in my Folksy shop! Hand-sewn from the most gorgeous fabric remnant in a jacquard style - burgundy, gold and sand colours, trimmed with champagne silky ribbon and two thin tie ribbons. Inside two little ribbon hemmed slits hold mini red pegs ready to attach special messages or other small items specially for the recipient.
Ellie's Treasures
A fellow Folksy seller friend is getting married this weekend. It was her that introduced me to Folksy and subsequent online selling facilities like Zibbet and Dreamaid so I wanted to send her a special thank you present for her and her fiance's wedding.

A "messages from the heart" seemed the perfect gift. Inside I attached mini hearts with their names and wedding date and then hand drew and wrote on cards three special messages, "happiness", "forever" and "good luck".
Ellie's Treasures
I'm updating my "messages from the heart" item in my shops on Folksy and Dreamaid to show these new photos. Anyone wishing to buy the heart can choose a simple message for me to print out on fabric to attach to a clip or to write on white card (or they can have blank cards to write their own special message).

Wishing my fellow Folksy friend a fabulous day on Saturday and happiness together for the years ahead.


Folksy Friday

>> Friday, 11 June 2010

This week's big thank you (for adding Ellie's Treasures as a favourite shop) goes to the following wonderful Folksy people:

Pavlova's Art Loft - fabulous acrylic poppy painting.
Pussy Galore Sock Cats and Kittens - adorable Olivia the proud and smiley sock cat.
Zennith Zark - summery necklace (currently in a sale - grab a bargain).
noodleBubble - pretty hand-embroidered egg cosy.
Chakra-Shack - lovely Haematite necklace.
teasemade - seriously cute owl brooch.

As always, click on the picture to go directly to the relevant shop.

Pavlova's Art Loft Pussy Galore Sock Cats and Kittens

Zennith Zark noodleBubble

Chakra-Shack teasemade


Brooches and hairslides

>> Thursday, 10 June 2010

Flower brooch - Ellie's Treasures

Continuing with my brooch making enjoyment and having run out of cat and dog face buttons for the time being, I found a flower shaped template just begging to be used. Using felt, home tie-dyed t-shirt fabric, a flower shaped button and a selection of seed beads I came up with this pretty little flower brooch. It's the perfect size for wearing on clothes this summer, or even to brighten up your accessories like your handbag or perhaps a belt. It's available in my shop at Folksy and Dreamaid.

I made another just for my daughter Katie, and she found a new use for it - a fashionable flower hair decoration (although you'd have to be careful with not to hurt yourself with the pin). Used with a hairgrip to keep it securely in place, I think it looks really attractive.

Ellie's Treasures


Folksy Friday

>> Friday, 4 June 2010

Following on from last week, my next six Folksy shops to feature in my Folksy Friday picks are:

Sue Wright Handknits - pretty flower cushion
Claire Rose Designs - gorgeous pink tote bag
Glitterysah - lugs warmer
Harvey Crafty Cards - "Love is in the air" card
Creative Knits - little knitted cat family
Wood Jewellery - delightful swift necklace

Thanks to you all for adding Ellie's Treasures as a favourite shop.

Sue Wright Handknits Claire Rose Designs

Glitterysah Harvey Crafty Cards

Creative Knits Wood Jewellery


New shop on Dreamaid

>> Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ellie's Treasures at Dream Aid

I recently opened a shop on Dreamaid having heard about it through fellow sellers on Folksy. By buying through Dreamaid, 5% of the purchase price from each of my items is donated to those in poorer countries who need help selling their crafts locally.

Dreamaid started in May, 2009 and has recently become a better known name through it's television documentaries broadcast to show people exactly how they operate to help others.

The buying and selling site has products "from 23 countries, Dreamers from 55 countries and visitors from 125 countries" (source: Dreamaid). How fabulous that we have a fast growing community of sellers of hand crafted goods willing to sell on-line and help others at the same time.

Since joining Dreamaid I have listed a few of my items picked from my Folksy shop. This gives the buyer the choice of where to purchase and whether they'd like a percentage of the purchase price to be donated to a worthy cause.

Two items in particular seem to be catching people's eye over at Dreamaid:

Patchy Pockets keepsake wallet
My pretty floral Patchy Pockets has appeared on Dreamaid's front page and has also been tweeted by Dreamaid as "so cute (that) we just had to show everyone".

Pussy cat heart brooch
My cute pussy cat heart brooch has been nominated for the jewellery top ten picks.

Would like to thank all the lovely people who have offered me a Sunshine Blog Award, I'm really touched and have displayed the award on my Our Day blog page. Elaine x

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