Sale time at Ellie's Treasures

>> Thursday, 30 December 2010

It's the end of year sale, so please take a look in the "Sale Items" section of my shop to see which goodies are available at reduced prices.
Ellie's Treasures
Mr. Snowman - now £6.00

The two remaining Christmas items are up for grabs, alongside a couple of pretty, summery brooches and the lovely fabric heart keepsake, just perfect for Valentine's Day or perhaps a wedding or special anniversary coming up later in 2011.

Ellie's Treasures
Beautiful fabric keepsake heart - now £8.00

I'll be featuring other Folksy shops that also have sales in the next couple of days. Happy shopping!


A little something for Ben

>> Sunday, 26 December 2010

Ellie's Treasures

who has been asking for a Patchy for a while now.

My daughter has my very first Patchy with all her telephone numbers and mini letters from friends safely stored inside. I have the second Patchy, stuffed full of little items to keep my handbag as tidy as possible. So, it was time to make one for my son Ben.

Naturally it couldn't be too girly! He's very much into war, guns, ammo and camo, so I rummaged through my huge bag of scrap materials and the two underbed storage draws to try and find his old pair of blue camouflage trousers but I guess I must have used them for something else, as I just couldn't find them. As blue camo is his favourite, a quick search on e-bay lead me to a blue camo t-shirt which turned out to be in a very thin chiffon material. Being a bit too flimsy to turn into a pocket of any description, I teamed it up with some green fabric to make it sturdier. I also used green camo from another pair of old trousers, some green/cream and brown camo that I had in the bag and blue/silver leopard spot fabric that he'd mentioned in passing that he liked (it's kind of camo), these all went to make pockets. Velcro fastening from an unwanted camo hat and a picture of an army soldier printed out on fabric were the perfect trimmings for this Patchy.
Ellie's Treasures
He's already storing his Club Penguin game cards inside it as well as telephone numbers for his best mates.

Now, just hubby to get sorted with a Patchy ...


We've been counting ...

>> Saturday, 25 December 2010

down the last six days with our "Count down to Christmas" Santa.  Hope all those who also bought a dolly peg Santa from Ellie's Treasures remembered to count down the days too!

Anyway, we've reached the big day today, so from Santa and from me, wishing you all a...

Ellie's Treasures



>> Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ellie's Treasures

is a good word to describe my latest Patchy Pockets.  Each one I make I want to keep myself, I guess lots of crafters have that problem!  This new keepsake wallet has again been made using recycled fabrics.  Deep chocolate brown corduroy teamed with elegant cream fabric with grey flowers.  A stunning dotty lime green ribbon trims the internal pockets and is featured on the cover alongside some pretty little buttons.

Ellie's Treasures

With its six pockets and elastic/button fastening, this wallet is perfect for keeping little things safe in one place.  Use it in your handbag as the ideal tidy, or keep it in the car or around the home to store important notes, numbers or treasured keepsakes.


Newly listed, the perfect accessory

>> Tuesday, 7 December 2010

which is, of course, the Patchy Pockets.  This gorgeous and elegant keepsake wallet is just perfect for keeping items in one place, whether in the handbag, around the home or in the car.  My latest fabric wallet, still with six handy pockets, has been made from clean recycled materials in silky pink and embossed ivory.  A pretty ribbon trim and two pink ribbon ties finish off this unique item.

I've made a couple of Patchies using these combinations of materials before and they've both been very well received.

It's available now at Ellie's Treasures and would make a perfect little present for someone special.

Ellie's Treasures


Decorating the Christmas tree

>> Sunday, 5 December 2010

So, it's now 5th December and how many readers out there have already put up their tree festooned with Christmas decorations?

With the early snow fall, Christmas appears to have started very early.  I know for sure that I'm more prepared and more excited about festivities this year that I have been for many years.  Pretty lights and big plastic Santas have been seen around our village from the last week of November, and as the months seem to whizz by so quickly these days why not enjoy the fun of the season for longer than the usual a few short weeks?

I love all the decorations, gorgeous present ideas and stocking fillers online and in the shops (but mainly online for me this year) and I think we too may put up our tree and decorate the home a week or so earlier than we normally do.

With decorations in mind, I thought I'd show you some that are available to buy at Ellie's Treasures.  I'll kick start with Mr. Snowman as he is very appropriate for the weather we've all be experiencing.  No wet, freezing gloves and mittens needed to make this fella, he's ready to sit happily on the shelf, mantelpiece or windowsill this Christmas.
Ellie's Treasures

Now, howabout something cute for the actual tree?  I've been making dolly peg ornaments for the winter season for a few years now and each time they sell so well.  This year we have dolly peg angels, pixies and Santas.  The little Santas have an added bonus of helping you count down those all important last six days to Christmas.  All the dolly pegs sit perfectly on the tree, or perhaps on a banner, bunting or thick tinsel.  They could even be used to hold Christmas cards in place on a thick piece of string!

Ellie's Treasures

Ellie's Treasures

Ellie's Treasures

Finally, how about a little hand-sewn stocking which comes complete with two mini felt heart brooches - a great gift for brooch lovers everywhere and perhaps ideal to share with a friend?  Fill the stocking with lovely goodies and hide it on the tree branches for Christmas morning. 

Ellie's Treasures

Oooh, Christmas, I'm getting excited now!


Diary 2011 Project

>> Thursday, 25 November 2010

The lovely Kelly, who owns the shop Kokokelli on Folksy, tweeted recently about this fabulous 2011 diary.  It's a wow factor for me and it shot straight to the top of my Christmas wish list!  Hubby's just gone and bought one for me so I'm over the moon.  I have a trusy Filofax which has been used year in, year out for many years and although I won't be storing it away just yet (I do love it very much), I am very excited to be using a new, and very different, diary for 2011.

Please take a look at the website for all the information and plenty of lovely photos to feast your eyes on.  Each date in the diary has been designed by a creator resulting in a wonderful collection of art work.  Kelly is one of the creators featured (for the December 2011 page I see), so it makes it all the more special.  The book is printed using recycled paper or it can be ordered in CD format to print out yourself.  A link to book covers, that are free to download, is also available.


Stocking fillers

>> Saturday, 20 November 2010

These brooches and my (so far) one and only key fob will make perfect stocking fillers this Christmas.  Here's my selection, all hand sewn and all with a silver safety bar pin secured firmly to the back.  Just click on the photo to go to relevant brooch/key fob in my shop.

Just thought I'd mention (don't scream) - here's a mini countdown to Christmas just to make you panic!

Make your own Countdown Clocks


I've been featured ...

>> Monday, 15 November 2010

Ellie's Treasures
This pretty Patchy Pockets got featured recently on the lovely Charlotte Hupfield's blog.

It's always such a great feeling when you're made aware of an item you've worked hard on, and are proud of, being featured elsewhere.

Please do check out Charlotte's blog listings and also let your mouse wander over to her pretty shop Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics. Charlotte also sells her goods at other online shops - these three photos are all from her shop on Folksy.  Please click on the photo to go straight to the shop.

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics


Brooches - how to wear them

>> Friday, 29 October 2010

Ellie's Treasures

There's a new brooch in my collection at Ellie's Treasures.  It's another from the "Patch" series - this time he's looking for love with a little purple heart beneath his paws.

Brooches make brilliant accessories.  Not only fabulous for dressing up your clothing, but wonderful too for adding style to your hat, scarf and even your handbag.

Ellie's Treasures

Here's my Ben modelling my fat cat brooch which has been clipped to the lovely burnt orange hat my hubby purchased from Folksy for me earlier in the year. 

Ellie's Treasures

and here's Patch again clipped to my handbag looking very smart indeed.


Progress in many ways

>> Thursday, 21 October 2010

Do you remember my post not so long ago with a list of boring things I should really be doing for Ellie's Treasures?  Well, I'm pleased to announce I've ticked two things off my list now.  The tax man has been kept happy (actually, I'm being kept happy with a very small rebate) and I've order new business cards from Moo as they have a 50 free card offering at the moment.  That's progress!

More progress on the shop front with my own url, (which I've had for a few years) now directing straight to my Folksy shop.  Hubby bought a couple of stickers announcing this for the Landrover!  Hoping soon, probably in the New Year, to set up a Google website under this url showing shop items and links to my blog (which I'll also be streamlining), facebook fan page and twitter too.

Ellie's Treasures

With Christmas just around the corner I've started crafting in a big way.  My four special peg doll Santas are all done and ready for listing early November and I've just listed something new, a hand-sewn denim key fob featuring a very cute yellow duckling.  It's available from Ellie's Treasures now and would make the perfect little stocking filler.

Ellie's Treasures


Folksy Friday

>> Friday, 15 October 2010

Six more fabulous Folksy shops to feature this week - all have added Ellie's Treasures to their list of favourites, so a huge thank you to you all.

This week we have:

La Maitresse: Jacqui has a selection of personalised patchwork pincushions in her lovely shop, all of which are stunning and would make delightful presents.  It was hard to choose which colour to feature, so, after much thought, I went for the blue/green one, but all are equally lovely.

Squintessential: lots of pretty jewellery pieces to choose from here, all with fun names.  I went for this colourful bracelet under the title of "Crackle GumDrop Bracelet" - just fabulous.

Bubblegumbod Beads: "Funky, Fun and Fresh" are also in Bubblegumbod Beads' title and I can see why.  A shop worth visiting - full of lovely jewellery pieces made using delicate beads.

Lucy Loo's shop is one you can ponder over for quite a while!  So many gorgeous handmade lovelies to choose from including bags, purses, pendants, brooches and darling mushroom pillows.

Sugarplum kawaii: pretty pieces of jewellery some inspired by her daughter's love of Japanese things.  Perfect as a treat for yourself or as a unique gift for someone you love.  I usually pick owl items if they're available, but this time I've chosen the unusual Pegasus wing.

Printed on Ribbon: a much needed supply shop that does just what it says in it's shop title!  Satin ribbon printed with your own special message - perfect to finish off your parcels.

La Maitresse Squintessential

Bubblegumbod Beads Lucy Loo's

Sugarplum kawaii Printed on Ribbon

Click on the pic to go straight to the shop.


Christmas is coming ...

>> Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Ellie's Treasures
Last year, one of my best sellers in and out of my online shop were little dolly peg Santas, Pixies and Angels.  This year I've started to make more dolly peg Santas but with a twist.  This year's decoration is going to be called "Count down to Christmas" as Santa carries a small sack of notices that can be changed each day as you count down the last few days before Christmas day.  Seeing as how children generally break up from school quite late in December, counting down the last six days will be a something the whole family can do without that rush to get out of the house in the morning!
Ellie's Treasures
Hand painted and hand sewn, these dolly pegs are taking quite a long time to put together so I'm only making four to start with.  This is because I'd also like to build up my selection of other goodies for sale before the Christmas rush.  This will include more Patchies, brooches and new key fobs too.
Ellie's Treasures
Aiming to put my new Santas in my shop from the beginning of November, so watch out for them.
Ellie's Treasures


Folksy Friday

>> Thursday, 7 October 2010

Hello again! Here's my next set of fabulous Folksy shops to be featured in my Folksy Friday picks this week. Big thanks to you all for adding Ellie's Treasures as a favourite shop.

This week we have:

Wooden Wonders: truly stunning pieces crafted from wood to produce wonderful items. Due to its gorgeous colours, I've chosen to feature this bowl made from burr elm.

crafted: a lovely collection of vintage inspired goodies. This pretty checked lavender heart would look brilliant in any home.

jamie cameron-hughes: Wow! What an amazing collection of photographic prints in Jamie's shop. It took me ages to decide which one to feature, they all seem to tell a story perfectly. I finally settled on this photograph of graffeti in London.

Fresh "n" Funky Cards: not just cards though, gorgeous keepsake boxes too and look - I've found this pretty hanging wooden heart. I can't resist hearts!

Slate Sea Studio: anyone who is a lover of beachcombing is my friend. Having grown up near the sea I can understand the love of this past-time. Take a peek at this necklace, made from silver plated findings and a pretty boat charm, it really is quite elegant and unique.

Fairy Foo Foo: is a craft supply shop with some fabulous lovelies to browse through and choose from. I went for the cute cupcake buttons! Well, who wouldn't!?

Wooden Wonders crafted

jamie cameron-hughes Fresh "n" Funky Cards

Sea Slate Studio Fairy Foo Foo

Click on the pic to get to the shop.  See you next week!



to all my new fans who follow Ellie's Treasures blog - lovely to have you here. Can't leave out my "old" fans of course, so big wave to you too!


Folksy Friday is back ...

>> Thursday, 30 September 2010

after a two week break. 

This week's lovely folk are from the following 6 shops on Folksy.  My thank you to you for adding Ellie's Treasures to your favourites list.

HJD Crafts - a lovely supplies shop selling so many fabulous and wantable goodies.

Phoebe Bee Bee - really into the Union Jack items that are around at the moment, so this lovely heart really hits the spot.

Silk & Art - just gorgeous items in this shop and I do believe I've featured the mandala greetings cards before on a Folksy Friday.  This time I've chosen the prettiest blue scarf, it would make a great Christmas present.

cheerymishmash - I've chosen this unique little wax painted silk card for my picks - but there's a lovely selection to choose from as well as other goodies including the fun home education items.

Rachael's Special Lil Bits - a collection of really pretty items in Rachael's shop.  I chose this fun felted mini bag and coin purse for it's striking colours.

The Cookie Button - OK, so we may have lost the sun, but this adorable little crocheted hat for toddlers would look stunning at any time of the year.

As always, please click on the photo to zoom straight to the relevant shop.

HJD Crafts Phoebe Bee Bee

Silk & Art cheerymishmash

Rachael's Special Lil Bits The Cookie Button

Would like to thank all the lovely people who have offered me a Sunshine Blog Award, I'm really touched and have displayed the award on my Our Day blog page. Elaine x

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