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>> Sunday, 5 December 2010

So, it's now 5th December and how many readers out there have already put up their tree festooned with Christmas decorations?

With the early snow fall, Christmas appears to have started very early.  I know for sure that I'm more prepared and more excited about festivities this year that I have been for many years.  Pretty lights and big plastic Santas have been seen around our village from the last week of November, and as the months seem to whizz by so quickly these days why not enjoy the fun of the season for longer than the usual a few short weeks?

I love all the decorations, gorgeous present ideas and stocking fillers online and in the shops (but mainly online for me this year) and I think we too may put up our tree and decorate the home a week or so earlier than we normally do.

With decorations in mind, I thought I'd show you some that are available to buy at Ellie's Treasures.  I'll kick start with Mr. Snowman as he is very appropriate for the weather we've all be experiencing.  No wet, freezing gloves and mittens needed to make this fella, he's ready to sit happily on the shelf, mantelpiece or windowsill this Christmas.
Ellie's Treasures

Now, howabout something cute for the actual tree?  I've been making dolly peg ornaments for the winter season for a few years now and each time they sell so well.  This year we have dolly peg angels, pixies and Santas.  The little Santas have an added bonus of helping you count down those all important last six days to Christmas.  All the dolly pegs sit perfectly on the tree, or perhaps on a banner, bunting or thick tinsel.  They could even be used to hold Christmas cards in place on a thick piece of string!

Ellie's Treasures

Ellie's Treasures

Ellie's Treasures

Finally, how about a little hand-sewn stocking which comes complete with two mini felt heart brooches - a great gift for brooch lovers everywhere and perhaps ideal to share with a friend?  Fill the stocking with lovely goodies and hide it on the tree branches for Christmas morning. 

Ellie's Treasures

Oooh, Christmas, I'm getting excited now!


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