Folksy Friday

>> Friday, 30 July 2010

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you like my collection of goodies from six Folksy shops, all of which have added Ellie's Treasures as one of their favourites.  Big thank you to you all.

Dottie Cards - I love this beautifully decorated cards which can show any greeting or simply be left blank.

Northfield Primitives - I'm a bit of a sucker for toys!  This darling terrier with his vintage look is so cute and "house trained" too apparently!

Driftwood Boat Builders - I just love these driftwood boats, they looks so stylish and would look brilliant in any room of the house.

Glamourpuss Jewellery - Isn't this a stunning colour?  Stand-out in the crowd with this fabulous pink daisy necklace.

Snowdon - Mmm, cupcakes.  You know by now that cakes are my thing - these handy and delicious cupcake magnets are perfect for the home.

Mary Elliott Jewellery - a beautiful and dainty necklace with it's gentle pink colour, blue flowers and white glass beads - very elegant indeed.

Dottie Cards Northfield Primitives

Driftwood Boat Builders Glamourpuss Jewellery

Photobucket Mary Elliott Jewellery


Patch plays ball ...

>> Monday, 26 July 2010

My new little collection of cute dog face buttons arrived and, being a little smaller than my last ones, sent me back to the drawing board.

With Katie's help I bought a wad of gingerish coloured furry fabric which we both thought would make a fabulous dog body for the new button faces.  Not only does it moult terribly, leaving ginger fluff absolutely everywhere, but, once cut into a small body shape, looked just a little ridiculous!

After much cutting out of our various shapes and positions of doggy bodies to fit the doggy heads, I settled on good old felt and added a couple of brown patches which seem to turn my newly formed hound into an adorable little pooch.

My dog, Poppy, loves playing ball.  As you can see from Poppy's blog post, she has a small collection of tennis balls.  Most are split, chewed or dented (and many, many more are strewn around the garden and probably in the house too), but she loves them all!  With this in mind, and knowing how dogs do like to play fetch, I added a little yellow ball to the brooch too.

"Patch plays ball" a new brooch is born and looking for a new home.
Ellie's Treasures


Folksy Friday

>> Thursday, 22 July 2010

Is it that time again?  Where did the last 7 days go?  This weeks big thank you goes to the following six lovely Folksy shops - thanks for adding Ellie's Treasures to your favourites list.

Vintage Inspired Accessories - as soon as I saw this shop this brooch jumped out at me and Autumn thoughts came to my mind.

SockPals -  these fun little sock creatures are brilliant, all have wonderful expressions but, as you must know by know, I'm a sucker for pussy cats!

minifelts -  these lovely hand-sewn felt animal and bird brooches, purses and cases are beautifully made.  I just love the little sheep's face on my Folksy Friday pick.

GingerbreadGems - this very pretty, dainty bracelet is perfect for summer - the bead colours are just gorgeous.

Corrina2Designs - something for my wish list I think - once again this lampwork bead, pearl and sterling silver bracelet has all the colours of Autumn, including two silver leaves.

Jessie Stacey - a collection of great things from which I chose this lovely purse.  The vintage 70s fabric really brought back childhood memories for me.

Vintage Inspired Accessories SockPals

minifelts GingerbreadGems

Corrina2Designs Jessey Stacey

Hope you enjoyed seeing my picks this week.


Folksy Friday

>> Thursday, 15 July 2010

Here's my next six wonderful shops from Folksy.  Once again a big thank you to you all for adding Ellie's Treasures as a favourite shop of yours.

This week we have:

LondonFogg - there's always going to be a heart featured somewhere in my picks, I just love them.  This gorgeous Steampunk black metal heart has tiny watch cogs attached to it.

KittyCat - this cheerful crocheted brooch with it's vintage buttons would brighten anyone's day.

D's Cardz - yummy cupcakes, ooooh another favourite of mine.  This card is so pretty and comes with a matching tag.

GlitterRT - this is a stunning bracelet made up of Freshwater Pearls and Rose Quartz on three coils of memory wire so it will fit any size of wrist.  Would make a beautiful gift for a bride.

Lynwoodcrafts - isn't this cute?  A little pin cushion perfect for sitting on the work table and so very pretty too with its ring of white daisys and tiny ladybird.

Sweet'art Stout - this landscape painting is right up my street.  I could sit and look it for hours with it's deep, calming colours - reminds me of our visit to Skye last year.

LondonFogg KittyCat

D's Cardz GlitterRT

Lynwoodcrafts Sweet'art Stout


Pussy cat brooches ...

>> Tuesday, 13 July 2010

seem to be quite popular at Ellie's Treasures.  My last cat brooch went to a fellow Folksy seller, Paulaz Jewellz.  I think she was very happy with it - in fact she even blogged about her new brooch (see her review here).

I have to say I love making these little felt brooches.  Each one is unique - no two could ever be the same as, apart from the actual button cat head or cat, all pieces are hand cut and hand sewn.  Each brooch slightly padded and stiffened, and each one has a sturdy catch bar pin secured to the back.

Brilliant for cat lovers and equally wonderful for the fashion conscious who are looking for something just that little bit different.
Ellie's Treasures
I have two little heart brooches available at Ellie's Treasures at the moment.  My first is similar to the one sold to Paulaz Jewelz - a darling little cat with its button face, fluffy curled up body and woollen tail.  I love the way it watches the butterfly!
Ellie's Treasures
My sister bought me a pack of ceramic pussy cat buttons (and a mouse) which inspired my second brooch.  "Cat peeking through the long grass" comes to mind when looking at this.  It has a lovely smiley face - perhaps seeing the pretty flower and tiny hearts puts it in a wonderfully happy mood.


Perfect for your wedding day ...

>> Monday, 5 July 2010

or for any other occasion of course!

Pink Patchy Pockets - Ellie's Treasures

Here's my latest hand-sewn Patchy Pockets keepsake wallet and, if you don't mind me saying, I think it's very dainty and just perfect as a gift for the bride on her wedding day. It's equally lovely as a gift for any other special occasion of course, but I'm so happy with it that I'll be making one in the same materials for a friend getting married in September.

As usual, photographs really don't do these wallets justice. The two materials I've chosen are both from the recycling centre and both tactile. The two-tone, very delicate pink fabric is like silk to the touch and the contrasting fabric has an embossed dotty pattern in cream. The ribbon trim, with its tiny purple and lilac flowers, finishes off this Patchy just perfectly.

Pink Patchy Pockets - Ellie's Treasures

So, for a wedding, what could you keep inside this pretty cloth wallet? A personal message for the bridge and groom? A "good luck" charm for their special day? A tissue or two for those expected tears (of joy I hasten to add)? Notes for the important reception speeches? The key to the honeymoon suite afterwards!? Oh the list is endless! After the big day, it could be used to store wedding memorabilia and photographs all safely in one place.

Pink Patchy Pockets - Ellie's Treasures

Available now at Ellie's Treasures.


Folksy Friday

>> Friday, 2 July 2010

It's Friday again and time for my next six wonderful Folksy shops to feature in this week's Folksy Friday.

We have:

forestpoppy - what a darling little mat/pot stand - love the chicken!
fatcat felt - this felt making kit is a great idea - just add water and a bit of elbow grease.
Dottie Designs - what a personal gift this would make for a newly married couple; a honeymoon record book.
AnnieFloribunda - I love the beautiful colours on this flower brooch and the little butterfly just adds that personal touch.
Quernus Crafts - I just adore all of the little creatures Quernus Crafts produces. Go and check out the blog too for some fabulous little doggies.
Jude Allman Ceramics - very hard to choose out of all the lovely ceramics in this shop, but settled for this pretty pot.

A big thank you to you all for adding Ellie's Treasures as a favourite shop. As always, click on the photo to go directly to the shop.

forestpoppy fatcat felt

Dottie Designs AnnieFloribunda

Querus Crafts Jude Allman Ceramics

Would like to thank all the lovely people who have offered me a Sunshine Blog Award, I'm really touched and have displayed the award on my Our Day blog page. Elaine x

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