Patch plays ball ...

>> Monday, 26 July 2010

My new little collection of cute dog face buttons arrived and, being a little smaller than my last ones, sent me back to the drawing board.

With Katie's help I bought a wad of gingerish coloured furry fabric which we both thought would make a fabulous dog body for the new button faces.  Not only does it moult terribly, leaving ginger fluff absolutely everywhere, but, once cut into a small body shape, looked just a little ridiculous!

After much cutting out of our various shapes and positions of doggy bodies to fit the doggy heads, I settled on good old felt and added a couple of brown patches which seem to turn my newly formed hound into an adorable little pooch.

My dog, Poppy, loves playing ball.  As you can see from Poppy's blog post, she has a small collection of tennis balls.  Most are split, chewed or dented (and many, many more are strewn around the garden and probably in the house too), but she loves them all!  With this in mind, and knowing how dogs do like to play fetch, I added a little yellow ball to the brooch too.

"Patch plays ball" a new brooch is born and looking for a new home.
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