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>> Wednesday, 29 September 2010

but I thought I'd make a proper list on here of all the things I should, need and will one day do to Ellie's Treasures to make it a better business!

My little scribbled list is getting a bit messy and as I keep adding to it (thanks to tips on the Folksy forum) it's becoming mega out of hand.  Well here goes:

New business cards I really want to get some from Moo, especially now I'm happy with my new logo.   Not sure if I want business cards or postcards (or perhaps splash out on both), but I'd also like to get some stickers too.

Tissue paper.  Must check out places where I can buy large flat sheets, like you see in florists.  Although my sales aren't rushing me off my feet, I really don't like having to iron out creases in my folded tissue paper - picky I know, but that's me!

While I'm at it, better add more packaging to this list too - running out fast of brown tape, cellotape and good old jiffy bags.  I remember seeing a forum post once about recycling used jiffy bags.  What's your thoughts?  I do keep so many jiffy bags that come through my post box, but am a little nervous of re-using them, even if I do put nice white paper over the previous address.  Daft isn't it, but you know what some people are like!

Find a new and better way to display my shop goodies on my blog.  The Photobucket one is pretty, but a bit "in your face" I think.  There are so many others around that are better and clickable too, which is handy.

Categories on Folksy: dodge one for me this.  OK, my brooches can easily pop in under Accessories, but the Patchys - not so sure where to put them.  I've currently got them scattered around under Accessories, Homeware and Cases, Purses etc.  Also, my cute little Woollies.  Not strictly a toy so could really do with a Collectables category.   I think this item on my list of "to do" will be ongoing and probably never solved!

Keywords on Folksy: wow, picked up a tip today about using keywords as a way to sort your shop.  I'd never realised how handy keywords are, I just thought they were to help buyers search for a particular item from the "Buy" or "Home" page, but buyers that have settled on your shop can use the keywords to search for a particular kind of item.  Brilliant!  I seriously need to sort my keywords out.

Regulations etc.:  OK I've browsed them, but not studied them - have you?

Tax man: obviously he comes last, although as October and then January begin to fast disappear I expect he'll pop to the top of the list!  It's taken many attempts on the phone to talk to a human at the tax office requesting a tax form.  They'd seemed to have forgotten me, but were more than happy to send out a form once I'd got through to them!  Sad thing is, they've sent me the wrong form - doh!  I think I'll just bite the bullet and do the return on line, shouldn't take me long (she says).

There, actually the list isn't that bad is it?  No doubt more things will be added as the days, weeks, months go by.


Sam 29 September 2010 at 23:00  

See, that's pretty much my list too - if I was organised enough to actually write it down!

I resuse packaging, and I say so in my profile - but then I haven't had many sales, so I'm not sure if that's any recommendation. :-)

I was trying to use the keyword list to navigate, but it didn't seem to include them all. I've now put quicklinks in my profile, using keywords I've selected.

Sam x

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures 30 September 2010 at 19:58  

Hi Sam,

I'm sure Christmas will see a rise in sales. Most of 23 sales were made last Christmas!!

I had a play with the keywords last night and noticed that not all showed up. Will try the quicklinks idea, if I can work it out that is.

Thanks for dropping by :0)


Strawberry Annies 3 October 2010 at 09:11  

great list, I need to make one. Sometimes I make lists but I never manage to cross anything off..

re tax return, if you have a local tax office, you can just go in and request form, much quicker than trying to get hold of anyone on the phone. Having said that I did online last few years and as long as you have your figures sorted out ie profits/costs/etc it is easy but you have to register online and they send you a password, so don't do like me and leave it to last minute or its a nightmare.

re recycled packaging there was a thread on folksy about this the other day and most people were happy with recycled but I think I prefer to recieve things in new packaging although its not a major issue to me. not very fashionable view I know but oh well.

Would like to thank all the lovely people who have offered me a Sunshine Blog Award, I'm really touched and have displayed the award on my Our Day blog page. Elaine x

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