Folksy Friday

>> Thursday, 17 December 2009

Here's my choice for this week, as always, click on the photo to go to the relevant shop:

This is so dainty. My daughter dug out our small selection of felting wool this week, it's been an age since we did any and then we came across this lovely brooch.

I've seen maps made into pictures, but I think these are lovely.

It is absolutely freezing here today and I think my mobile decided to play up and keep switching itself off purely because it was getting cold (I hope that's what is was anyway - it's a new phone). This cosy cover would have done the trick!

F/F 3
My sis-in-law has been facebooking this week about the new felted soap range, so I thought I'd find some on Folksy. Sounds fun and different and I've heard great reports that it does wonders for the skin.

F/F 3
This shop is just great, and so original. For all book lovers out there please go and have a peek. I really like these hanging decorations.


Would like to thank all the lovely people who have offered me a Sunshine Blog Award, I'm really touched and have displayed the award on my Our Day blog page. Elaine x

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