Custom Woollie - "Master Barry"

>> Monday, 7 February 2011

Ellie's Treasures

Here is "Master Barry", a little custom Woollie Pony just finished and mailed to my nephew who asked specifically for a Woollie named "Barry".  My nephew has already bought "Icy" through Ellie's Treasures, and my sister had purchased "Raspberry", so I was quite surprised to get another Woollie request from him.  Master Barry is particularly handsome I think.  My daughter actually makes the ponies, I make all the other little bits and bobs that pop into the box, but it took her a couple of attempts to get  Master Barry looking so lovely.  As my nephew asked for a yellow Woollie she used a yellow wool which, once completed, made for a rather chuppy stead!  She started again with a mix of two thin wools in lemon and beige and has produced, once again, a stunning little horse well deserving of his two rosettes.

Would like to thank all the lovely people who have offered me a Sunshine Blog Award, I'm really touched and have displayed the award on my Our Day blog page. Elaine x

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